Gutter system designed in Poland

Cascade is a gutter system invented, designed and made in Poland from a resource coming from a world potentate in steel production and using modern technology.


Why is it important?

Due to weather conditions in Poland: frequent tempests, sudden storms and rainstorms, we have designed deeper gutter system which efficiently drains the rainwater. It’s important.


Written 30-year guarantee

We give a guarantee for the Cascade steel gutter system for at least 30 years.


What are the advantages of the Cascade system?

High quality double side coated steel which we use to manufacture the Cascade is resistant, aesthetic and solid. Due to this, our system doesn’t deform because of variable weather conditions. It can be mounted even during winter. Perfect, double-sided organic cover is high resistant to various weather and discolouration. This gives a guarantee that you will be able to enjoy your chosen guttering colour for many years.


Innovative solutions

We designed all system elements especially to suit the weather conditions in Poland. We’ve been thinking in various contexts to create compatible, easy to assemble, robust, functional and beautiful guttering system.

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